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Swiss Milk Chocolate
Light Nougat Truffle Top of Jungfrau Quartet Resa

Light Nougat Truffle
Light caramel encased in crisp nougat discs, covered in milk chocolate.

Top of Jungfrau
Caramel and finely ground almonds covered in a swirl of milk chocolate named for the Swiss Mt. Jungfrau.

A blend of walnut, hazelnut, almond and pistachio nut pastes, topped with a walnut half, in milk chocolate.

Creamy smooth center with a slight hint of citrus, covered in milk chocolate.

Signature Caramel Grand Marnier Avellana Heart Noisetta

Signature Caramel
A liquid buttery caramel fills this milk chocolate cup. Alo available in dark chocolate.

Grand Marnier
A milk chocolate ganache with Grand Marnier liqueur covered in milk chocolate.

Avellana Heart
Milk chocolate heart filled with whipped hazelnut genache.

A crunchy roasted hazelnut in a milk chocolate cup topped with more hazelnuts.

Duet Carre au Lait Branchli Hazelnut Praline

Finely ground almonds and hazelnuts covered in milk chocolate.

Carre au Lait
Ground pistachios and hazelnuts mixed with cream and covered in milk chocolate.

A Swiss classic, this "little branch" is ganache whipped with hazelnut paste covered in milk chocolate...and snow.

Hazelnut Praline
A crunchy roasted hazelnut atop a mixture of milk chocolate and ground hazelnuts.

Milk Chocolate Truffle Classic Cream Truffle Champagne Truffle Honey Truffle

Milk Chocolate Truffle
Silky milk chocolate ganache surrounded by a handmade milk chocolate shell.

Classic Cream Truffle
Traditional milk chocolate truffle filled with a buttery rich ganache.

Champagne Truffle
An elegant champagne ganache and milk chocolate ganache, in milk chocolate, rolled in powdered sugar.

Honey Truffle
Filled with milk chocolate ganache and touch of honey, rolled in chocolate shavings.

Duet Carre au Lait Branchli Milk Chocolate Rocher

Hazelnut Truffle
Creamy hazelnut chocolate ganache rolled in crunchy chopped hazelnuts.

Apricot Truffle
Chocolate ganache and a tangy dried apricot covered in chocolate then rolled in powdered sugar.

This unique piece is filled with light ganache and contains a pearl of sugar infused with mandarin oil, in a milk chocolate shell.

Milk Chocolate Rocher
Sliced roasted almonds dipped in a rich milk chocolate.

Duet # # #

Schoggi Bear
Our signature 100% Swiss milk chocolate bear.