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With over 80 different chocolate creations, petite pastries, pate de fruit, and macaroons, few chocolatiers have a greater selection of Swiss-made confections than Schoggi Imported Swiss Chocolates in San Francisco.

Our chocolates are made in Switzerland according to 100 year old recipes. They get their unique flavor from high-quality ingredients, including chocolate made with fresh Swiss milk and cream, and only the finest grade fruits, nuts, and liqueurs.

What makes our chocolates even tastier than other Swiss imports is the fact that they are handcrafted. Most of the larger Swiss companies have long since abandoned the more time-intensive methods of making a chocolate from the bottom up. (Nowadays, machines are able to create a truffle in a single step.) Herein lays the Schoggi edge: each chocolate is made in stages and boasts its own distinctive recipe. For example: a plum truffle with milk chocolate will have an entirely different recipe than an apricot truffle with milk chocolate though they both share similar ingredients.

Try one of our chocolates with your afternoon coffee. End a great meal with a dark chocolate truffle and a glass of your favorite cabernet. Relax with a pate de fruit and a warm cup of tea. Take the time to treat yourself to Schoggi. Transform an ordinary day into something extraordinary. There is always a reason to celebrate.

"Schoggi", a Swiss-German word, means chocolate.

When in San Francisco, visit our Confiserie at 87 Yerba Buena Lane and build your own box of chocolate or choose one of our pre-packaged selections. We also have gift baskets and gift cards. We are open every day from 10-6. You can reach us at 415-243-4444.